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This post is a little late because of some time issues I had last week. So without further delay…

This is week number three of my SMB Open Source software series and so far we have a back office server solution and a desktop OS solution. To build on that we are going to look at a CRM system this week that we can run on our server and use from any type of device.

vTiger is an open source Customer Relations Manager project that also has a commercial side, so if you ever need support it is there but to get started we can run the community version for free. So why does our small business need a CRM system? Let’s take a look at all the stuff that vTiger does:

Now you might be thinking that with all these features this stuff has to cost money… well if you want EVERYTHING or if you dont want to host this on your own server then yes … it will cost you money. But remember I said this was going to be open source software …. not all of it will be free though.

Here is a link to their site http://www.vtiger.com

I will say that I have set this up in my lab a couple times and installation is very easy. vTiger’s website also has a lot of documentation and training so it is one of the better options out there for open source CRM platforms.

Till next week…. ttyl



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