Suse 15 Migration Steps

Recently I was asked about Suse 15 and what it would take to migrate it to public cloud from VMware.

After some research I was able to come up with a script that will take care of the required changes.

However, Since I would never encourage you to run a script you didn’t write, I’ll explain what the script does here.

Get the Script

You can get the script from Github here.


The first three lines of the script use sed to modify /etc/default/grub so that a serial console is enabled.

Line 5 adds the AWS drivers to the dracut configuration directory (in a new file labled as 50-zerto.conf.

On line 6-11, a configuration file for eth99 is created. Eth99 will be what the AWS nic shows up as.

Line 13-15 adds a udev rule to look for the AWS nic and rename it to eth99

Line 17 rebuilds the initramfs image for the currently running kernel.

Line 18 updates the grub configuration with the new serial console parameters.

How to use the script

The script should be run on the production virtual machine. The changes performed in the script should not affect the production configuration.

Alternatively, you can simply copy and paste each of the sections into your terminal and run them individually.