Goodbye Zerto, it’s been an awesome adventure!

How do you say goodbye to a job that you’ve had longer than your kids?

Let me tell you … it’s hard as hell.

Joining Zerto

I joined Zerto in August of 2015, after Sean Master convinced me to come on board. At the time Zerto had probably 100-150 employees, many of which I already knew, but, it was a scary transition. Fear of the unknown I guess.

I had been in the VAR world for a long time and had grown accustomed to working with many products and building “best of” solutions for clients. The idea of going to work for a software company with one product was terrifying, to say the least.

Fast forward five years and it’s been even scarier to take the leap off the Zerto ship.

I’ve had two roles at Zerto in those 5 years, Sales Engineer and Technical Alliances Architect. Both have been challenging at times, and fun at others.

Both, however, have given me a tremendous opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

Keep on keeping on Zerto!

When I joined Zerto they had a one product that supported two platforms (VMware and HyperV). Since 2015 Zerto has added support for AWS, Azure, as well as various “VMware on <insert cloud here>” platforms. They will also be releasing a brand new product for Kubernetes very soon.

I may be leaving, but I’m still super excited to see where Zerto and the K8s product goes. Hopefully “Up and to the Right” as Paul Zeiter would have said.

Thanks for the Opportunity

As Mr. Masters has said … “you got the job, I just left the door unlocked” … or something to that effect, but honestly, without Sean as an early advocate, I would have never gotten the opportunity at Zerto. So thank you, Sean!

I also would have never been able to take on my second role in Alliances if it weren’t for Shannon Snowden and Gil Levonai. These guys went to bat for me internally and honestly, took a huge risk hiring someone that had no alliance relationships at the time. My qualifications were literally “I like building cool science projects and tinkering with stuff”.

I don’t know what they were thinking, but I can’t thank either one of you enough for taking that chance!

The last thanks I want to call out is for my most recent manager, Joe. You are awesome man! I can’t thank you enough for making the transition a smooth one.

You have to love where you work

Life is short, you have to love what you do, otherwise, why do it?

Besides being a fun and challenging place to work 9-5 Zerto has been a blast 5-9 (and later) too.

How many companies will take you to Israel, Mexico, Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, Canada, and France? How many work trip destinations can see Egypt and Jordan at the same time? LOL

How many places have you worked where you look forward to having breakfast with the team first thing in the morning and beers with them to cap off the day?

Zerto has been an amazing place to work, I’m truly grateful.

It’s all about family.

Obviously, I can’t post a phone book of everyone I would like to thank for helping make Zerto my extended family for the last 5 years, but trust me I appreciate everyone who has been part of my Zerto family.

All the laughs we have shared, and all the beers we have drunk will certainly be missed.

But as I’ve told many Zertonians, just because I’m leaving Zerto doesn’t mean I’m dying, lol.

I.T. is a small world and I look forward to bumping into everyone in the future wherever our careers take us! (First beer is on me!)

Adventure awaits

So today is my last day at Zerto, and it’s certainly been a great chapter in my career, but I’m excited about the future and can’t wait to share more about my next adventure. Stay tuned!


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