MayaData launches Kubera Propel and Kubera Chaos

Palo Alto, CA – November 16th MayaData, a leading developer of open-source software for using Kubernetes as a data layer, announces the commercial availability of Kubera Propel and Kubera Chaos. Kubera Propel is based on the most popular open-source Container Attached Storage project, OpenEBS, which MayaData started and continues to lead. Kubera Chaos is based on the popular open-source Kubernetes native Chaos Engineering project, Litmus Chaos, which MayaData also started and now leads in collaboration with Intuit, Amazon Web Services, and others.

 Volterra, a global provider of distributed cloud services, recently standardized upon Kubera Propel to provide distributed data and storage services in their widely deployed VoltStack product across multi-cloud, edge, and network-based use cases.

“After an extensive review of options for Kubernetes-based storage and storage management, Volterra selected MayaData’s Kubera Propel and OpenEBS thanks in part to its vibrant open source community and strong performance,” said Pranav Dharwadkar, VP of Products at Volterra.

Kubera Propel capabilities include:

  • Superior performance – benchmarks for Kubera Propel have shown that it imparts very little overhead versus the theoretical maximum performance of underlying systems; one recent benchmark showed in excess of 3 million IOPS via the use of Intel Optane drives
  • An intuitive graphical user interface focused on initial deployments and on troubleshooting
  • Easy to understand per use and per node pricing – with all pricing published to ensure


Users can pay per GB/hr and per GB/month for Kubernetes data storage using Volterra’s distributed cloud services billing capabilities.

Okteto, the leading cloud for Kubernetes developers, recently standardized on the use of Kubera Chaos to enable Kubernetes native chaos engineering for their users and customers.

Ramiro Berrelleza, CEO and founder of Okteto said: “We have seen tremendous demand for chaos engineering projects integrated into and operating on top of Kubernetes. We selected MayaData’s Kubera Chaos for our own use and as a solution simply consumable by our customers, because it is easy to operate and extend, and because the community is open and growing quickly.”

Kubera Chaos has a similar user experience and pricing model to Kubera Propel. In addition, Kubera Chaos is based upon the popular Litmus Chaos project. The open source foundation of Litmus means both it and Kubera Chaos come with community tested and verified chaos tests, out-of-the-box. Users can simply select and implement chaos charts within particular namespaces or more broadly across their environment.

Kubera Propel and Chaos are each available directly from MayaData and in conjunction with partners including Amazon web services, Digital Ocean, Platform 9, Volterra, Wipro, Container Solutions, and on the RedHat Container Marketplace and others.

MayaData is a Gold Sponsor of this week’s virtual KubeCon. The developers of Kubera Chaos and Kubera Propel and related open source projects are available for discussion at the MayaData Booth in Gold Hall A.

KubeCon begins November 17th and runs through November 20th. You can additionally find MayaData beyond the sponsor hall in a number of spots.

Customers that purchase an initial license of Kubera Propel or Chaos during 2020 will receive their third month free. A free tier for individual use is also available.

About MayaData

MayaData delivers data agility. MayaData is one of the top contributors to CNCF projects overall, leading the open-source charge for data on Kubernetes across several projects with large & healthy communities. MayaData sponsors two CNCF projects, OpenEBS – the #1 open-source container attached storage solution – and Litmus – the #1 Kubernetes native chaos engineering project. MayaData recently introduced Kubera, which enables teams to deploy and operate stateful workloads on any Kubernetes deployment efficiently. Some of the well-known users of MayaData products include CNCF, Bloomberg, Comcast, Arista, Orange, Intuit, and others. MayaData investors include Insight Partners, AME Cloud Ventures, Nexus Partners and Eight Roads.


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