Personal Bio:

My name is Justin Paul, I plan to use this space for my thoughts and a place to share ideas of what I know and have learned.

I am an avid Ford Mustang fan, I have a 1965 Coupe, 1996 Mustang GT, and 1996 Mustang Cobra convertible. In a previous life (ie. before becoming a parent) I also love to make home brew beer, especially IPA’s and stouts.

I grew up in New Bremen Ohio on a dairy farm, so I’m no stranger to hard work and long hours. I still try to help as much as possible, but with my schedule getting more and more complex it’s getting harder. Computers did not even become part of my life until I was probably 10-12. Now both family farms and an uncles house have benefited from my tinkering as they are all networked via wireless with Ubiquiti network gear, and share a single internet connection.

Many thanks go to my wife Kimberly as she has to put up with me daily, some days I think she wishes I didn’t know what a computer was. 🙂

Why I Blog

Professional Bio:

Justin Paul is a Senior Product Manager at Zerto, a Hewlett-Packard Enterprise company specializing in data protection, disaster recovery, and cloud mobility solutions. With a deep understanding of customer challenges, Justin drives strategic initiatives and spearheads product development efforts around the Zerto product for VMware.

In addition to his role at Zerto, Justin is an influential blogger, sharing his expertise and industry insights on his blog at jpaul.me. With a passion for technology and a knack for articulating complex concepts, Justin provides valuable perspectives, trends, and practical advice for professionals in the software and IT sectors. His blog has gained recognition for its informative content, establishing Justin as a trusted thought leader in the industry.

Before joining the Zerto product team, Justin held helped drive technical relationships between Zerto and various key partners on the tech alliances team and also spend over 2 years as a sales engineer for Zerto covering the Midwest and various key accounts.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Justin enjoys spending time with family, exploring emerging technologies, and actively contributing to the tech community through speaking engagements and participation in industry events.

For inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or to connect with Justin Paul, please feel free to reach out via email at  or connect with him on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/justinpaul.


Any views or opinions expressed here are strictly my own. I am solely responsible for all content published here. This is a personal blog, not my employer’s blog. Content published here is not read, reviewed, or approved in advance by my employer and does not necessarily represent or reflect the views or opinions of my employer or any of its divisions, subsidiaries, or business partners. Therefore it is also not the intellectual property of anyone other than myself. Moreover, this blog is a timeline of my thoughts and opinions, both of which will change over time. Therefore out of date posts should be treated as such, and may no longer reflect my current views or opinions.

Product Reviews: As with any and all product reviews on my site they are unpaid reviews. I am not compensated in any way for doing them. However, in some cases I do receive hardware or software so that I can conduct the review, but the product is returned to the vendor upon request after completing the review.

If you would like to contact me please email me at justin at jpaul dot me  or use twitter or another social networking platform.

Current Certifications: “The Cert Collage”

ccnp datacenter
EMC Implementation Engineer: VNX Specialist and Recoverpoint Certified
EMC Technology Architect: VNX Specialist
[description - what is this]

Certifications I’m pursuing or will be pursuing:


Microsoft MCITP

Blogging Since May 1st, 2010


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  1. Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the great tech doc on how to setup a virtual lab for MCITP. I have some issues getting it to properly NAT in Fedora 13, I might be doing something wrong in webmin. Thanks in advance for getting back to me.

    Kind regards,


  2. I ran into your website by googling HP P2000 iSCSI, and really appreciate your hard effort on these blogs, especially pratical solutions for SMB.

  3. Hey Justin, Had a question regarding the HP P4000 VSA. Our company recently purchased 2 of the P4000 VSA and 2 d2200SBs. The intent is to use them in our production environment where we don’t really need high IOs, just stability and reliability on a relatively small budget. Anyways. The question becomes, we so far have only received 1 of the VSA licenses and 1 of the d2200sb, and have installed them, and we are in the process of migrating our data over. The goal of the 2nd set of hw/sw was to be a mirror of the first set, and come into play if the 1st set fails for whatever reason. In recent reading, we stumbled across some pieces that say when we bring the 2nd system online in a couple weeks that we will basically have to wipe the current setup and start over. This doesn’t seem right to any level of enterprise san software… do you have any experience with this?


  4. The lefthand VSA (just like the non VSA lefthands) does not require you to wipe the unit if it is done properly.

    right now you should have a management group created and it will have just one VSA node in it.

    when you get the other unit you will simply add it to the cluster and change your volumes from network raid 0 to network raid 10 and it will automatically stripe the data to the second node.

    shoot me an email if you need more information, im sure i can find a youtube video or something on how this works.

  5. Hi Paul,
    Really enjoyed your PDF Document ‘Running vSphere 4 of HP p2000 San Solutions’ .

    This is exactly what i want to do and you publication has edged me to do it.

    I wanted to know if you had an upto date version for Vsphere 5 or 5.1?

    Really appreciate it.

    Many Thanks.

  6. Working some similar projects (Home lab) when I have spare time. Would be interested in shooting the proverbial sh$t with you if you ever have time. Im in Europe as a Core Federal EMC TC.

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