ZertoCon 2019 Hackathon Update

We are just over one month away from ZertoCon 2019. Which means we are also just over one month from the hackathon, so it’s time for an update!

I just started some threads on the Hackathon forum (on myZerto). The forum is the hub for all things hackathon related. If you are not already signed up for the hackathon you can do so here:

Once you are officially signed up, head over to the forum and either start a thread for your project idea or offer to help out on a project that is already listed. You can offer help simply by replying to the project thread and letting them know what your skill set is and how you can help.

If you are a project owner (the guy/gal with the idea) please let me know if there is anything special you need to make your project happen. For example if you need a lab, or some sort of API expert let me know so I can make sure we have the right stuff lined up.

Everyone is welcome to come to the hackathon, and you don’t need to be a coder! For example the project I’m working on will require a lab that has a VPG replicating. If I’m coding… it would be awesome to have someone else building the lab to save time.

I’m also told there will be a Game of Thrones Watch party too.

So let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll see ya’ll in a month! (See what I did there… Nashville… southern slang … HAHA)


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