Cloudberry Box First Impressions

cbboxI thought I had settled on Office 365 + OneDrive on each of my PC’s but lately sync issues with various office documents has been ticking me off. Then this afternoon I ran across an older email from CloudBerry about their recently release Box program.

So I downloaded the free version and gave it a go, back-ending it with some storage from my free MSDN based Azure credits 🙂

It took all of about 30 seconds to install it, and setup was super simple.

After the initial install you need to select a type of registration (free or pro) and enter your email and a name. They will then send you a code and you need to paste that in. Once that part is complete the control panel will open and you can select a storage provider, I choose Azure. Then I went over to the Azure Control Portal and create a new storage account and a new bucket inside of it. I copied out the shared key and the account name, both of which I plugged into the control panel.


You click Test Connection, make sure that works, then select a Container name and click OK… That’s it!

After that I dumped some files into the CloudBerry sync folder and magically they showed up on the other PC I had installed the client on… Ill update this post in a few weeks with my experience, and also once the encryption features are available.




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  1. Funny you should mention sync problems with OneDrive. I’ve had the exact same problems with documents not syncing (the red crosses). If it’s not doing work it’s asking me for credentials and when it is working it’s using 100% CPU. At some point it suggested repairing its database, etc… Not to mention the gigantic amount of disk space the program itself uses. I don’t get how a small company like Dropbox gets their software right (I’ve never had any problems with Dropbox) and a gigantic company like MS fails so hard at this. Monitoring a folder and uploading changes to some server somewhere really isn’t rocket science….

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