Veeam Backup and IP Changes

Today I brought a backup server back from one of our customer’s so that I could seed some replica’s. In order to do this I needed to change the IP to something on our network so that it could communicate with the server it was going to replicate to. After changing the IP address of the server I fired up Veeam Backup and Recovery and had to wait… then I got an error message about how the Veeam service was no longer running. Hmm, wtf right ?

I checked the service and sure enough it was running just fine. As a last ditch effort I restarted the Veeam service and then tried to start Veeam again and it started up just fine. I tried this several more times and it was pretty systematic.

So if you change your Veeam server’s IP info and then try to start up the Veeam console before you restart the box don’t panic, just restart the Veeam Backup service.


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4 Responses to "Veeam Backup and IP Changes"

  1. hi, we changed the vcenter and hosts IP adresses so now we have 3 vcenter 🙂
    one of them production site, one of them disaster old vcenter and one of them disaster new vcenter. I thought if I change hosts and vcenter IP adress I can change the jobs but I couldnt do that, how can I use my old replicas and how to continue replicas jobs?

  2. You will want to touch base with Veeam Support, but You may have to create a new job… but tell it that there is a seed already there… it will then run a digest of the source and the destination and then start replicating what is different…. check with Veeam support though.

  3. hi, we changed the esxi hosts and vcenter IP adresses how can I use my old replicas or how can I edit replication jobs? when I try to change the destination host I changed but it didnt find the replicated vm and an error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

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