MayaData boosts OpenEBS Kubernetes data performance with the contribution of MayaStor, announces v 1.4 & more at KubeCon

OpenEBS, the leading Container Attached Storage (CAS) solution for Kubernetes, announced today the inclusion of MayaStor from MayaData, increasing the performance while using Kubernetes as a data plane with OpenEBS by 4-5x or more depending on workload, with tested results of more than 10 million IOPS. OpenEBS, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project, announces major milestones for the project, that it will be attending at KubeCon and speaking about GitLab and many other workloads, and shares the features released in OpenEBS 1.4.

MayaData contributes MayaStor

OpenEBS is cloud native in architecture, meaning data engines can be selected on a per workload or per workgroup basis. MayaData recently contributed MayaStor to the OpenEBS community, a first of its kind data engine that has been built and optimized to take advantage of new NVMe storage devices and cloud volumes. MayaStor performance scales with the underlying hardware and has been shown, for example, to deliver in excess of 10 million IOPS in a particular environment. Of particular interest to OpenEBS users has been the encryption enabled by MayaStor, which removes risky and expensive encryption and decryption cycles during data migration by allowing the same at rest encryption to be applied at flight, such as cloud to cloud replication.

MayaStor is explained in more detail in a blog by MayaData CTO Jeffry Molanus available here:

Growing community

Since joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in May of this year, OpenEBS user adoption has accelerated. Tech companies like Adobe, Arista, Wipro, and others are now public references of OpenEBS as well as communication service providers such as Comcast and Orange. OpenEBS also hit the 1000th contributor milestone a few weeks ago.

Various OpenEBS related events for KubeCon

MayaData will be representing OpenEBS at the KubeCon – CloudNativeCon North American event to be held in San Diego on November 18th to 21st. MayaData is also sponsoring the Cloud Native Rejekts North America Conference on November 16th and 17th at the San Diego History Center. MayaData is delivering free training on the use of Kubernetes as a data plane on November 18th at the Hilton Gaslamp San Diego. KubeCon attendees or in Southern California can register for the free workshop at

OpenEBS 1.4 release

OpenEBS 1.4 will be available on November 15th, consistent with the recently adopted monthly release schedule. This release adds to ease of use for ongoing operations, including upgrades, southbound provisioning of underlying cloud vendor volumes through CSI drivers such as EBS and GCE PD volumes, and more resilience in environments that are frequently auto-scaled.

MayaData adding OpenEBS Director enhancements

OpenEBS Director, which is available for free for individual usage, has also been upgraded in conjunction with OpenEBS 1.4. Part of MayaData OpenEBS Enterprise Platform, Director simplifies the use of Kubernetes as a data plane with OpenEBS via logging, visualization, back-up, data migration scheduling & control, OpenEBS auto-configuration, and more. New capabilities include simpler upgrade of OpenEBS cStor pools and volumes, preconfigured alerting of abnormalities and improved visualization of existing and available data nodes. OpenEBS Director is available at no cost to individual users at either as a SaaS solution hosted and operated by MayaData or for on-premises deployments.

About OpenEBS (

OpenEBS is the leading Container Attached Storage (CAS) solution. It is a next-generation data agility platform that deploys a Data Management plane architecturally mirroring Kubernetes’ Application Management plane. OpenEBS makes the management of stateful applications across Kubernetes clusters easy, predictable and resilient. What Kubernetes does for distributed application management, OpenEBS does for distributed data management.  This simplifies the developer’s lives, gives control to DevOps and provides complete usage visibility to CxOs.

About MayaData (

MayaData, the data agility company, sponsors the open source OpenEBS Container Attached Storage project, and delivers other software and services including control and visibility via the SaaS-based OpenEBS Director and chaos engineering and assurance via the open source Litmus Chaos project. Enterprises and service providers use MayaData solutions to add to their existing systems a layer that addresses common barriers to productivity and risks of lock-in that arise from relying solely on proprietary storage systems and services.


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