Interop 2015 Award Winners Announced

The 2015 Best of Interop category winners include:

  • Applications: JumpCloud –JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service
    • Cloud based Directory Services… LDAP, AD Replacement, etc. Here is their info.
  • Cloud/Virtualization: FixStream, Inc. –FixStream Operational Analytics and Visualization Platform
    • Single pane of glass analytics platform for everything in your datacenter. Tech info here.
  • Data Center: Cisco –CiscoITD (Intelligent Traffic Director)
    • In effect this is just a really really fast load balancer that goes into the Nexus 7000 and 7700 series Switches. Here is a great overview document.
  • Mobility/Wireless: Cisco –CiscoHyperlocation Module
    • Next generation user tracking technology that uses your smart phone to determine where you are… can be used to help guide people to their gate at the airport or find a product in a store. Here is the overview document.
  • Networking: ALE – Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Intelligent Fabric
    • SDN technology to make building and managing a network easier on their switches. Here is the overview doc I read.
  • Performance/Management/ Monitoring: VMware –vRealize Operations 6
    • Im sure you already know the story here. vCOPs = vRealize Ops in the latest round of rebranding. At a high level this is a monitoring platform, but with the right setup it can be integrated into many things and provide a pretty awesome single pane of glass.
  • SDN: Cisco – Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) for Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure
    • This is the management portion of ACI according to this page. Personally I havent looked into ACI, but if it beat out VMware’s NSX in this category it must be some pretty awesome stuff, I’m not sold on the vendor lock-in it creates though.
  • Security: Dell, Inc. – Dell Sonic Wall Secure Remote Access
    • VPN concentrator would probably be an understatement for this product line. In a nut shell it allows outside devices to access corporate resources in a secure way, VPN connections are just the beginning. It then layers on mobile device management options and remote support options. Check it out here.
  • Storage: NEC –HydrastorHS8-4000
    • Here is a document on the HS8-4000 line, but basically these are globally deduplicated storage nodes that cluster together. They target backup and archive storage workloads much like EMC DataDomain or HP StoreOnce. It looks like a pretty cool product, I’d definitely like to see the interface and price tag 🙂

Best Startup Award:

In addition to the category awards, Best of Interop judges named VeloCloud as the Best Startup for the company’s innovation in WAN networking.

Here is a great page that describes the before and after effect on what internet/WAN connectivity will look like with their solution.



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