The date is set, and replication has started

It’s almost time to shut down the Home Lab!

I posted the other week that I would no longer have a home lab and this week I officially set the date for the hardware swap. It will be Tuesday, September 19th.

So in order to make that date happen, I thought I better get my blog vm’s replicated out to Azure.

I only really have 3 VM’s that I would like to avoid downtime on, one is the SQL database for my blog (I use Percona’s MySQL compatible DB server), the web front end, and finally, a Mautic instance that runs on its own VM. So those are the three VM’s that you will see in the video being replicated to Azure.

The Technical Alliances team at Zerto has a VPN setup guide coming out soon on how I setup the VPN between my colo and Azure, so it’s not covered in the video below, but we start right after the VPN has been setup.

I pair the Azure ZCA to my on-premises ZVM and then start replication. The whole process is less than 10 minutes of video time even with all the talking I do.

So check out the video and stay tuned as I hope to have a video of the equipment swap, and after that I will also post a video on failback of those VM’s to Azure as well.


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