How (and why) I created my blog’s facebook page

What I know about Facebook

In 2004 University of Dayton students got access to Facebook. Like most other students I signed up and used Facebook pretty regularly throughout college. As my career has taken off I find myself on LinkedIn much more than Facebook. So much so, that I normally have to ask my wife how to do things with Facebook because I have literally no idea. However, I also know that Facebook has a larger user base than pretty much anything else in the world, so it’s silly NOT to leverage it.

How I created the page

When I decided this weekend that I should create a Facebook page I knew I was going to be googling how to do it. My wife hasn’t created a Facebook page, so google was literally my only option.

Luckily Andrea at Nuts and Bolts Media has a great how to post!

So here is the result It’s nothing special yet, but if you get your news updates from Facebook then I would encourage you to like the page.

Why I created the page

I used to share my blog posts on my personal Facebook page, but most of my friends are not IT people, and I’m sure I was close to getting blocked at least once because of all the “Justin’s IT Blog Update” posts that were in my timeline. So a dedicated Facebook page where people can opt in for updates was the best way forward.


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