EMC VNXe 3200; new firmware enables up to 150 drives

On Thursday EMC quietly released a firmware update for the VNXe3200 which allows the system to recognize up to 150 drives. The version number is and again it was released July 31, 2014.

new code
VNXe3200 Code to support 150 drives

Before this release the VNXe 3200 was limited to just two drive shelves (or 50 drives), however with this release customers can now order and install up to 5 more 25 bay DAE’s or 11 more 12 bay DAE’s (or any combination of them… up to 150 drives).

The maximum raw capacity is now 500TB, and support for 900GB, 2TB and 200GB FAST VP drives has also been added.

That is all… short and sweet, but a very important update!



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