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Recently I was promoted to Principal Architect at DPSciences, basically this means that while I may still do some installs, my main task is to make sure that projects go as smoothly as possible while also making support and any processes that are involved smoother.

So one of first things I wanted to tackle was how a level 1 help desk person would respond to a support call around a virtualization environment. Ideally I would have a document that could be followed by anyhow from the customer to our managed services help desk people to provide a uniform and easy to understand process of troubleshooting a virtual machine issue.

What I can up with was the PDF document below. It is a workflow that can be followed to troubleshoot VMware issues. It is by no means a complete, all inclusive workflow… if it were i would need a huge piece of paper for it… so what I tried to do was make it all fit on 8.5×11 paper if you were to print it.

If you follow the workflow and get to a box with “More Information ?” in it, you can click on that box to be take to a page with more detailed information. Click the “Back to Workflow” box in the top right corner to return to the workflow.

All that I ask is that if you use it and find any issues you let me know, so that I can add the changes and make the doc better. Also if you have more information to add please do the same… contact me.

Here is a preview:




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2 Responses to "VMware Support Workflow Document"

  1. Hi Justin!

    this is a GREAT idea. I am going to give it a shot with our service desk to see if it works better than current word-based troubleshooting flows!

    The download link doesn’t appear to have rendered – are you able to re-link the download? That’d be great!

    It just shows as
    [wpdm_file id=1]


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