VMware View 5.2 is now GA

Today VMware View 5.2 was released, and with it comes a list of new features. Some of which might be helpful and some of which you might never use 🙂

Here is the list:

  • Ability to add Nvidia GPU’s to the View servers… this allows you to run programs like AutoCAD that require intensive rendering and not over work the CPU in your View Servers
  • Improved Unified Communications – Integration with leading phone providers such as Cisco, Mitel, and Avaya, as well as Microsoft Lync to allow for follow me desktop and phone support
  • Horizon View HTML support – Get your desktops integrated with VMware Horizon HTML portal
  • New Clients – Now supporting the iPhone iPad and Android with Unity for easier access to your apps
  • Windows 8 support
  • Up to 10,000 desktops per Pod
  • Linux vCenter Server Appliance Support

I was pretty excited about the iPhone support so I connected to the Hands on Lab cloud and here are some screenshots from my iPhone, also this is a connection to a View 5.1 server…. so the new iPhone client is backwards compatible with older View server.

iPhone View Client
iPhone View Client
Windows 7 Home screen on iPhone
Windows 7 Home screen on iPhone

As soon as I get access to VMware Horizon I will post setup more info about its integration with Horizon.


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3 Responses to "VMware View 5.2 is now GA"

  1. Hi Paul,

    Really interesting blogs great transfer of information’s. I am having few doubts on integrating View 5.2 with Lync 2013 and my master image is Windows 8 and my Endpoints are Dell Wyse zero clients. The Initial plan is to install the Microsoft Office 2013 Products on master image and publish the desktops. But I have heard that the Lync client will be installed and the master image and the Lync VDI plugin will be install on the machine through which you are access the desktops. But since we are using zero clients what are the possibilities should I be installing only the Lync client and leave the VDI plugin. Please advise…

  2. I havent worked with Lync, but did some quick reading at http://en.community.dell.com/dell-blogs/enterprise/b/inside-enterprise-it/archive/2013/08/06/what-is-the-microsoft-lync-2013-vdi-plugin-and-how-does-it-integrate-with-vmware-horizon-view.aspx

    It looks like the VDI plugin is only for when you are using a windows desktop as a view client … so if your users have laptops but are still using view desktops on them. It is meant so you can put the plugin on their laptop and then lync will sue the local AV devices on the laptop with lync.

    I would think that without the plugin it would just use the mic and speaker in/out ports on the zero client. So i would say to leave your base image without the plugin as it is meant for a windows desktop that has the view client on it.

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