HP P2000 G3 – Upgrading to get VAAI Support

I just wanted to give all of the Hp P2000 G3 owners a heads up that there is an updated firmware version available that adds VAAI support to your SAN. It was released August 31st, 2011 and looks like it is for all models of the P2000. There was a previous version that added VAAI, although it was only for the FC/iSCSI combo models and iSCSI models.

The new firmware can be found here.

Please make sure to verify that all other required software and ROM versions are up to date before attempting this upgrade, also make sure you have a good backup as well.

Make sure to read my legal disclaimer on the about page, since I won’t take the heat if you lose all your data 🙁 And since I haven’t gotten to upgrade a unit yet to this latest firmware I don’t have any insider tips to help. Although I will be upgrading one next week, so if I run into problems I will be sure to update this article.


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  1. I have situation where i have already installed my ESX 5.1 with a non HP image, I downloaded the VAAI plugin for HP site but it is incompatible with 5.1 and only works on ESX 5.0 hosts, where can I get a compatible VAAi plugin for the P2000 MSA G3 storage compatible ESX 5.1?

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