HP ESXi Hosts continually disconnect from vCenter

Today I set up three new ESXi 5.0 hosts with the HP Branded ESXi media, all went well until I joined the hosts to vCenter. After joining and registering with the vCenter server then became disconnected. I tried to manually connect them back in and they looked like they came back… but would almost instantly disconnect again.

After some direction from @Ollfried on Twitter, I did a quick Google search and found this thread http://communities.vmware.com/message/1823624

If you scroll down a bit you see where they are telling you to remove an HP VIB file that has to do with the licensing. I can confirm that this does fix the problem and after rebooting the hosts I was able to add them back to vcenter and all is well.

To fix the problem:

    1. Connect to each host with vSphere client and enable SSH
    2. SSH to the host and run the following command
      esxcli software vib remove -n hp-esx-license --no-live-install
    3. Reboot the host

What it looks like:


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2 Responses to "HP ESXi Hosts continually disconnect from vCenter"

  1. Thanks a bunch. Just ran into this myself, and this fixed the issue!

    To correct it with PowerCLI:

    $esxcli = get-esxcli -server

    Hope this helps!

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