Tintri Storage

Fellow vExpert Justin Laurer introduced me to Tintri’s storage solution today at VMworld. At a VERY high-level Tintri provides a datastore via NFS storage, but once you start listening to their presentation you quickly realize its much much more than simple NFS storage.

First off, Tintri’s main goal is to service ALL input and output operations from flash-based storage (think SUPER FAST), in fact, their storage appliance has over 600GB of flash storage on an appliance that serves up 8.5TB of usable space. Tintri goes beyond data tiering and goes many steps further, instead of just looking at blocks and moving them TO SSD… Tintri instead writes everything to SSD to being with…. then expires the data to spinning disk after its determined that it is seldom used. Big deal right? Well, what if storage was VM aware? meaning that storage could track IOps to the “C Drive” VMDK and also to the vSphere swap VMDK… an all of the other files? Tintri can!

The greatest value adds (other than offering a crap load of IOps) is that Tintri can really help when troubleshooting issues. It gives you much more storage visibility than any of the other storage vendors that I have seen.

If you want to check out Tintri further I would check out their site http://www.tintri.com/ or contact Justin Lauer on Twitter @Justin_Lauer

(Note: This is not a paid advertisement, just like all the other reviews, I just checked of their offering while at VMworld’s Solutions Exchange today)


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