Suplus IT stuff in need of a new home

garage-saleIt seems like IT people always have a closet full of stuff that is out of service that just sits around. My garage is that closet for me, and I would like to reclaim some lab rack space as well as some floor space. Below is a list of stuff that I no longer need, and frankly don’t need to have around anymore.

So if you can find a use for it, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to ship it’s yours! Free. I could also encourage others top do some closet cleaning too, you never know something you’re thinking of dumpstering might be exactly what the next guy is looking for for his home lab. So feel free to post a comment if you have stuff to get rid of, or just post a link to your blog if you do a similar post.


Stuff I have no more use for:

1 – Hp R3000 UPS – This thing is a beast, it’s a 3000va UPS. It uses a 5-20P plug, here is the manual if you want more specs. I was told that it had new batteries put in about 2 years ago. I’ll test it this weekend to make sure it works too. You have to cover the shipping on this, or meet me to pick it up, as it’s really heavy.

4 – Dual port Gig Nics – I probably have more than 4, but two are HP branded broadcom cards, and 2 are intel cards with low profile brackets. Nothing wrong with them, I just switched to blade servers.

Various Cisco Routers – These are mostly 2500 series as well as a couple 1601’s and I believe I also have a 1761 voice router and at least one 1841 too. Now before you’re like wtf …. remember that for someone who wants to learn the basics and study ccna… these might come in handy. If you are looking for something specific just shoot me an email.

Infiniband gear – I have a Cisco 24 port infiniband switch (the good one that runs the subnet manager internally), as well as a couple dual port cards and some 5 meter cables. I tested these with vSphere 5 and they showed up as 10 gig nics, but never really got around to testing with vsphere 6. The switches are a couple hundred bucks on ebay, but if you cover the shipping it’s yours. I would say it would probably cost 20-30 bucks to ship. Or you can meet me somewhere if you are close.

Cisco IP Phones – I have a 7940, 7942, and a 7960.


I think that’s it for now. I will update this page as I change things around. (I may be posting some Dell r410’s shortly depending on what I do at the colo I have.)

If your interested shoot me an email, or a message on twitter or use the form below.

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