Veeam Cloud Connect Pricing Estimator

So in the process of investigating if I should become a Veeam Cloud Connect partner I have developed some tools that would help estimate both internal costs as well as customer pricing. So I figured I would share the workbooks that I created for customer pricing estimates.

It assumes a few things:

  • that you know how much your provider will be charging per GB of data
  • whether they will charge you a fee per VM that is protected (if they don’t spell it out it’s probably rolled into the price per GB)
  • Detailed knowledge of your backup jobs
    • Basically you need to know the average full backup size of the job (VBK file in backup folder)
    • the average incremental backup size (VBI file in backup folder)
    • the number of normal restore points as well as the number of G-F-S points to keep in he cloud

Don’t worry though, there are some examples provided in the excel doc. This is version 1.0, but if I find any reason to update it, I will post the updates on this page.


Note: Seems like WordPress switched it from a xlsx to xls file… anyhow when you open it in excel complains that the extension doesn’t match the format. You can either switch the extension to xlsx before opening or just click open anyway.

Cloud Connect Price Estimator v1.0



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