VMTurbo, Now Sponoring JPaul.me!

The folks over at VMTurbo have decided to help out and sponsor my blog. If you haven’t seen what they have been up to I would definitely encourage you to check them out. Here is an overview of what they are all about!

VMTurbo’s Software-Driven Control platform enables organizations to manage cloud and enterprise virtualization environments to assure application performance while maximizing infrastructure efficiency. VMTurbo takes a market-based approach to dynamically examine real-time performance characteristics, resource capacity, system constraints and service level priorities across the environment to determine, implement and adjust resource configurations and workload placement. This drives the necessary actions to bring the environment into a healthy state where performance is assured while maximizing efficiency — and keep it there as demands fluctuate— quickly, automatically, continuously and efficiently. VMTurbo enables enterprises to meet service levels and business goals, and is the only technology capable of closing the loop in IT operation by automating the decision-making process to control the environment in a healthy state.

As cloud and virtual environments grow in complexity, enterprises need a new approach to ensure that the best decisions are being made throughout the entire infrastructure, keeping everything running smoothly in real time.  VMTurbo’s patented technology is the only way to automate this process – enabling companies to fully harness the power of virtualization.

VMTurbo offers two products: Operations Manager and a Free Virtual Health Monitor.

The 30 Day Free Trial of their Operations Manager product can be downloaded here and you can find the Virtual Health Monitor here.


Also VMturbo has released some Visio stencils for your next datacenter documentation project.

VMTurbo Datacenter Stencils for Microsoft Visio® and OmniGraffle

Create diagrams of your datacenter using VMTurbo’s free datacenter stencils pack for Microsoft Visio® or for OmniGraffle. See your entire stack from a bird’s eye view to help better understand workflow.

Download them here!


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