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Recently DPSciences merged with a Dallas based technical consulting firm called Lumenate. Lumenate has a similar focus as DPS but with offices in different cities and a slightly different skill set. The merger began as a way to combine Lumenate’s focus on virtualized datacenters with the Cisco skills of DPSciences for a more robust portfolio. DPS brought several CCIE’s and a Cisco gold partnership to the table as well as an increased sales force and a growing datacenter team (which is what I was apart of).

So for me this means that I joined the Lumenate team as a Senior Virtualization Consultant, and with that I will focus on pre-sales designs and post sales implementations (the same thing I did at DPS). But the best part is that I get to work with a large team of highly skilled people, who are among the best of the best I might add, in fact Lumenate has two VCDX’s on staff (number 36 Brad Maltz, and number 115 Kenny Garreau) and seeing as how there are only 119 total in the world its probably safe to say that there are not too many other VAR’s with two (is there any? I’m not sure). Seeing as how I’ve wanted to work on achieving my own VCDX certification, I’m pretty excited to say the least about joining a team who can help me along the way, who knows maybe we can make it three VCDX’s at Lumenate 🙂

From a customer perspective I think the merger is a great opportunity as well, because from my perspective Lumenate has the people and the skills to support any customer on any project. Plus because of the advanced partnership levels with a variety of vendors customers will also enjoy getting the best deals possible from a slew of different vendors.

Speaking of vendors, Lumenate has partnered with a variety of vendors around storage, backup, and security. So this should mean that I will get a chance to see more of a variety of technologies which I can then write about! So another +1 for me and this blog.

Please note that this post and the verbiage in it was not reviewed or otherwise approved by Lumenate, it is my own and should be treated as such.



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