Virtualization Project Worksheet

In an effort to make a migration to a virtual infrastructure easier, I have put together another document to aid in that process. This one tries to mimic the EMC SAN Worksheet you fill out when you get a new SAN. The difference is this one covers not only your storage but also many other subjects that someone like me (a consultant) would need to know when coming onsite to help migrate to a virtual environment.

Feel free to post comments with suggestions and ideas to improve the document.

Information included in this document:

  • vCenter Server
  • ESXi Server Settings
  • SAN Settings
  • Datastore naming conventions
  • Virtual Networking Needs
  • Alert Notification Settings
  • Active Directory credentials
  • Worksheets for each server to be P2V’d
    • Server Name / IP
    • Credentials
    • Guest OS Type
    • Downtime Window for P2V process
    • Server Purpose
    • Critical Application list
    • Helpful Information about server

Download Here:

Virtualization Project Worksheet


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