vRAM: Some Good News

I was reading through some partner documentation and found two question and answers that I think will help ease some of the anger surrounding vRAM Entitlements in the VMware user community.

This is pretty awesome news! I completely agree with this stance, and would encourage customers to purchase in advance like they recommend. But on the other hand it’s nice to know that the show doesn’t come to a stop if you forget to check your vRAM usage.


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3 Responses to "vRAM: Some Good News"

  1. This still doesn’t help.
    Any server over 96GBs of RAM will require additional licenses. I can’t ask for more money (ALOT more money) if I add a vm to existing ESX servers.

  2. Ok. So it’s good that I will now be bound to re-purchase capacity I had already paid for? They need a grandfather clause…. Enterprise plus should not be going from unlimited to 48GB / socket.

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