VCA410-DT Tips

Update: I’m officially VCA410-DT # 106

This morning I sat for the new VMware View related exam VMware Certified Associate – Desktop. I didn’t get to do much studying but figured since I was going to be at the testing center all day today anyhow I might as well fill up some time.

As normal I’m not supposed to regurgitate test questions, but what I will share are some general tips.

  • Know how to troubleshoot every aspect from Servers to End points
  • Know how Local Desktops work.. .even if you don’t use them
  • Know the View Administrator Web interface inside and out
  • Know the View Client Application for windows inside and out
  • Make sure to know how to pull log files from every component of View
  • Know the differences between desktop pools
  • Know what each type of desktop pool does
  • Know what features each type of desktop pool provides (Like ability to refresh or recompose, can do linked clones or cannot and stuff like that)
  • Setup a test environment and break it A LOT (this will help you understand what is happening when a user calls in and says problem X is happening)
  • Know the stages of provisioning and of desktop pools

This is only a broad overview, I will admit that I have read the View Design Guides and the View Administrators guide both cover to cover… I’m sure that helped a lot. But probably the best thing that I have done to prepare for this exam has been setting up and administering our company View environment as well as setting up environments for our customers.


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3 Responses to "VCA410-DT Tips"

  1. hi justin , i am going to take the exam this week & i am so worried , i went to the vmware exam mock & took some tests , & as u know there is no available training kits show up from p4s or testking & this stuff , & i am shorted at time . do u have any other tips or ideas how to get over it , thnx man 🙂

  2. Testking ? Come on man, you don’t want to cheat, the certification isn’t worth anything if you don’t know the material. I would recommend that you get the VMware View Administration Guide.. Read it… cover to cover if time allows. If time doesn’t allow then hit the chapters that are related to material I listed in the post above. Also sign up for a demo of View and set it up… you will probably only need 1 or two physical servers to do so. They can even have local storage… But set it up.. break it.. otherwise you wont know how it works well enough to pass the exam.

  3. amen to that .. readup .. work with the product and take the exam (i trying out tomorrow .-)) .. cant be that hard i guess, looking forward to taking the VCP-DT this fall as well!

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