SANiQ 9.0 Server ‘Clusters’

I installed the HP P4000 VSA software the other day just see if there were any major interface changes and did find one so far that I think will be really helpful. Normally you would add in all of your servers IQN names and then for each volume you create you assign the appropriate servers to that volume. As you can imagine if you have many VMware hosts (or xenserver) and many volumes you might forget to give a server access every now and then. That shouldn’t be a problem anymore, because now you can group server IQN’s into clusters. So when you create a new volume, instead of having to assign 10 servers, you can just assign the server cluster and you’re done.

This should prove to be quite useful since 90+ percent of P4000’s that I have installed are for virtualization and all servers require access to the volumes.

As I find more I will be sure to post updates.


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