Nutanix Acropolis adding Cloud Native stack

Initial Press Release:

KubeCon 2018 – Seattle, Wa — Nutanix Cloud Native delivers reliable, automated, secure, and efficient services for developers on the private cloud and is powered by leading hyper-converged platform, Nutanix Acropolis.

Bringing open source tooling and automation experience to the private cloud is more complex than simply deploying the same open source tools – it requires a high degree of expertise, labor, and automation. Using Nutanix Cloud Native, developers can take advantage of on-prem reliable tooling and automation that is required for fast development and management of scale-out applications.

Nutanix Cloud Native Stack will include one-click native Kubernetes, software-defined scale-out file, block, and object storage services, application monitoring and database as a service to help automated and fast delivery of applications.

Here is a screenshot from a presentation easily found if you Google “Nutanix Cloud Native”. I assume the full Nutanix Cloud Native stack will build atop of the Kubernetes platform announcements made at Nutanix Next.

Nutanix ACS Architecture, possible the base for the full Cloud Native stack?

As I learn more this week I’ll update this post.


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