Introducing Traefik Enterprise Edition

Traefik Enterprise Edition

This week I’m at KubeCon in Seattle, and I think Traefik is a pretty awesome tool if you are using containers. If you would like to view the press release at its original location, you can find it here:

Containous, the company behind Traefik, is announcing Traefik Enterprise Edition — TraefikEE, a new platform built on top of Traefik and designed for business-critical deployments.

In only three years, Traefik, the Cloud Native Edge Router, has become a key player in microservices infrastructures. With more than 18,000 stars on Github and 300,000,000 downloads on DockerHub, Traefik is widely used by major companies in their production environments.

Today, we are proud to announce that TraefikEE, our new commercial product, reaches public beta. TraefikEE allows you to deploy distributed Traefik instances across your infrastructure, providing a scalable and reliable edge routing platform. Split into a control plane and a data plane, Traefikcluster nodes are easily deployed and operated using the TraefikEE CLI. Implementing the Raft consensus, TraefikEE can safely store and replicate configurations and TLS certificates across the nodes.

Let’s dive into how it works!

TraefikEE — Overview

TraefikEE Architecture

TraefikEE is built on the top of the stable version of Traefik, and adds clustering features to satisfy the needs of Enterprise customers. All Traefikconcepts apply to TraefikEE, you are in familiar territory.

It runs on the edge of your platform, to route the traffic to your applications, and is composed of two elements:

  • The data plane: horizontally scalable nodes, which forward ingress traffic to your services
  • The control plane: distributed nodes, implementing the raft consensus, which watch your platform and its services, stores these topology changes, and reconfigure the data plane to adapt ingress routing dynamically

Yes, you read it right: a TraefikEEcluster natively supports raft consensus between nodes to safely store and replicate configurations. No Key-Value Store nor third-party tool needed.

With this new product, Containous continues to innovate and define a new way to access scalable microservice platforms, pushing the limits of automation and scalability. The beta program is open to everyone, sign up on

About Containous Inc.

Containous is the company that supports the development of Traefik. We provide professional service to assure businesses get the most out of the solution.


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