Bitnami announces BKPR: Automates Monitoring, Alerting, and Metrics for Kubernetes Apps

SEATTLE, Wash. — (PRNewswire – December 11, 2018) — Bitnami, the leading provider of application packaging, today announced the release of Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime (BKPR) 1.0, a production-ready open source project. BKPR provides built-in monitoring,alerting and metrics automatically, thereby enabling developers to avoidduplicating common requirements when they publish a Kubernetes application.

BKPR provides an additional layer of functionality beyond the bare cluster and automatically configures itself to work on whichever cloud on which it is deployed. It manages and maintains a Bitnami-curated stack of open source software to run applications on Kubernetes in production. This removes the need for developers to find and install all of their required tooling into their cluster. BKPRincludes Prometheus for monitoring, Elasticsearch, Fluentd and Kibana for logging, and cert-manager, oauth2-proxy, and Nginx for ingress.  BKPR also offers automatic publishing of endpoints on DNS and TLS termination including automatic and managed issuing of X.509 certificates.

“We created the BKPR open project because we saw Kubernetes users addressing the same problems over and over in slightly different ways, which in turn resulted in app developers having to accommodate those different solutions over and over again,” said Bitnami VP of Engineering Rick Spencer. “BKPR simplifies the set up process of all of this necessary tooling in your cluster. It removes common requirements and makes it easy to install on different platforms, from the same application pipeline, while also allowing cluster operators all of the configurability they need for their specific use cases.”

BKPR is designed for ease of use with platform-neutral specifications for exposed annotations and features. It utilizes a Kubernetes manifest for each target platform and has the option to use the kubeprod installer tool. BKPR has been released under the  Apache License, version 2.0.

BKPR is a key piece of the Bitnami Application Pipeline, which enables enterprises to accelerate the process of delivering features to multiple clouds. The Bitnami ApplicationPipeline includes infrastructure components packaged as virtual machines or container images combined with application packaging, deployment, and maintenance capabilities. Built modularly, the Bitnami Application Pipeline includes products and projects that accelerates software delivery. The pipeline is modular, complementing existing systems and processes to provide immediate value for teams of all sizes.

For more information about the Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime project, visit

About Bitnami

Bitnami provides packaged applications for any platform. The Bitnami application automation platform delivers and maintains a catalog of 130+ ready-to-run server applications and development environments in partnership with the world’s leading cloud providers including Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle, driving over 1.3 million deployments per month. Bitnami is helping to shape the futureof software deployment via its leadership role in the evolution of theKubernetes ecosystem, including being the authors and maintainers of  Kubeless and Kubeapps projects and majorcontributors to helm. Based in San Francisco and with offices around the world,Bitnami is a privately held, rapidly growing company. For more information,visit, or follow us on Twitter (@Bitnami) and Facebook.


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