Zerto Virtual Replication 5.0 Generally Available

The wait is over!


Zerto announces General Availability of Virtual Replication 5.0!

Whether you are a current Zerto customer or not, you will want to check out the latest release of ZVR 5.0. The team pulled out all the stops to release two major releases in the same calendar year, and both are jammed packed with features!

In release 4.5, Zerto added File-Level Recovery, journal compression, enhanced API support, and AWS S3 encryption.

Now new features in 5.0 include

  • 30-day journal
  • Replication to Microsoft Azure
  • One to Many Replication
  • Mobile SaaS monitoring
  • VMware Host Maintenance Mode Support
  • Zerto Licensing Tiering

Several other features and improvements have been added in 5.0 as well. Check out the release notes for the complete details.

For each of the major new features, I have put together some deep dive posts that explain how the new feature works. Some are even complete with video walkthrough as well!

Zerto 5.0 New Feature Deep Dive Posts

Replication to Azure

One to Many Replication

Mobile SaaS Monitoring

30-Day Journal

ZVR 5.0 Video Posts

VMware Host Maintenance Mode Support

Upgrading to Zerto 5.0 Video Guide

Licensing Changes

Zerto licensing has a couple of new changes that affect 5.0. For all the details check out this deep dive post.

Zerto 5.0 Licensing Deep Dive


Zerto is always looking for customer feedback. Please, feel free to leave a comment here, or shoot me an email, or open a support ticket. We want to improve constantly, and the best way to do that it to understand your real world use cases.


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