Zerto Cloud Service Provider Series


Zerto Virtual Replication can be implemented in a few different ways. One of which is for those wishing to provider disaster recovery as a service to customers. We call these implementations Cloud Service Providers or ZCSP’s.

So if you have an interest in providing DR as a Service with low RPO’s and RTO’s then this is the series is for you! (Or if you are considering leveraging DRaaS and want to know how it works internally you will want to read along too!)

As more posts are published I will update this post. By the end it should look like an index page.

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Articles in the series

Part 1 – Architecture

Part 2 – Zerto Components

Part 3 – Networking

— Future Articles —

Part 4 – ZVR Deployment

Part 5 – ZCM Deployment

Part 6 – Creating a ZORG

Part 7 – Customer Site Deployment

Part 8 – Replicating a customer workload

Part 9 – Failover and Failback

Part 10 – Follow up

Need more info on how to be or get started with a ZCSP? Let me know.

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Disclaimer: I work for Zerto, however they have not pre-approved any of the content in this series. These posts (as well as this blog as a whole) are my opinion and are not necessarily the opinion of my employer.


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