Need a new home lab ? VMturbo is giving one away!

VMTurbo, one of the advertisers here on my blog, is giving away some gear for a home lab if you check out their Operations Manager 5.2 product release webinar.

Operations Manager is the product that will look at your vSphere infrastructure and help you determine where performance issues exist as well as where you have wasted resources.


The webinar is next week, May 21st at 11:30AM Eastern time. So if you need some new home lab gear and have an hour open I would highly encourage you to check out the webinar.

More details about what is new in 5.2 include:

  • Defining QoS levels for specific applications
    You can specify, for example 500 ms latency or 1,000 transactions per minute, for a specific application. As VMTurbo brokers resources in the data center it prioritizes those applications to assure commitments are always met.
  • Deeper control into the app layer
    Get real-time application server- and database-aware decisions to fully leverage available infrastructure resources
  • Network-aware decisions to minimize latency
    VMTurbo reduces “east to west” latency by placing chatty workloads next to each other without sacrificing compute and storage needs. It’s the first of its kind: network-aware control. Now fully integrated with Arista’s EOS.

Register for the webinar today and you could win a Turbostack home lab!



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