Join me, Zerto, and Lumenate for show and tell (and food)!

Later this month I will be presenting at two events, the first is March 18th from 3-6pm in Cincinnati Ohio. We will all meet at the Firehouse Grill for a little vendor kool-aid party and some food and drinks! Of course someone made the mistake of asking me to present, so I promise not to bore you with a power point.

In fact Zerto is so easy to use I may actually make someone do the presentation for me 🙂

The second event will be in Columbus Ohio on the 19th of March but from 11am-2pm at the Three Legged Mare. Again, very small power point (4 slides including the title slide)…. this one is over lunch, but you can probably still talk me into buying you a beer.

If you want to hear what we are going to talk about / see the demo, but cant make it to the show, shoot me an email ([email protected]) and I will setup a webex so you can watch remotely.

However we would love to have you join us in person, so here are the official RSVP links and the official invite graphics:






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