Disabling IPv6 on AutoDeployed Reference Host

Yesterday I was helping a customer troubleshoot some AutoDeploy questions about ESXi 5.1, and one of his questions was… “How do I turn off IPv6 for my auto deployed blades”?

So naturally I was said that you just needed to turn it off on your Host Profile Reference host and then reboot your auto deployed blades.

The problem

The customer was booting his reference host with Auto Deploy as well, and when he turned off IPv6 from the console or GUI it would ask to reboot. After the reboot it of course would reapply the host profile and IPv6 would be on.

The solution

After searching the web I didn’t find any articles on the topic so I did a more general search for how to turn off IPv6. I can across William Lam’s Article here. And I took that (along with the comments) and tried the following. Note: do all 6 steps without rebooting the reference host, if you reboot the reference host during these steps it will re-enable IPv6.

1.) Enable SSH on your reference host

2.) login to ssh console

3.) execute the following

esxcli network ip set --ipv6-enabled=false

4.)logout of ssh

5.) disable ssh on reference host

6.) Update Host Profile from Reference host

Now you can reboot your auto deployed servers and IPv6 will be turned off.



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