Another one bites the dust; EMC E22-275 Exam

This morning was test day again for me, this time I was up against the RecoverPoint Replication and Recovery (E22-275) exam. This exam wasn’t too bad though as long as you knew all the acronyms and what they apply to. After that most of it just seemed like common replication and SAN theory.

I also took the 5 day course from EMC to help familiarize myself with the product since I haven’t worked with it yet. The instructor was Lenny Lescoe, who did a great job explaining the material. We also had some lab time, but my group was assigned to lab gear that was having some issues… either way both myself and Aaron passed the test on the first try. The course focused on the following topics:

  • Install and configure RecoverPoint
  • Configure SAN environment to support RecoverPoint in the following configs:
    • kdriver Splitter
    • SANTap (Cisco) or SASAPI (Brocade) Splitter
    • Clariion Splitter
  • Migrate from kdriver to other splitter types
  • Configure CDP, CRR, CLR consistency groups, preform failover and restore functions
  • Configure RecoverPoint Appliance connectivity
  • RecoverPoint Planning and Design
  • RecoverPoint Troubleshooting

Now on to the EMCTA VNX Specialist exams…. only two of them on that cert path.


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