Thinking about trying out VDI and Terminals? Check out HP ThinPro Demo

This morning while looking for the updated HP t5745 firmware I noticed another package on the support page called “HP ThinPro Operating System Demonstration Package”. So naturally I followed the link to figure out what sort of demo this was, and it turns out that it’s the full-blown t5745 terminal that can be run from a VMware Player or Workstation! So if you are considering buying an HP terminal for your VMware View or Citrix ICA environment but are stuck on the fence about which way to go…. check out their demo.

After downloading and letting the little installer run, I opened VMware Workstation and told it to open a VM. I then browsed out to where the installer had extracted the VM and selected the proper VMX file. It powered on and booted up to the connection configuration screen as expected, looks like it will be a great way to test things 🙂 Thanks HP!


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