What I’m looking forward to at VMworld 2011

With exactly 29 days until I’m on a plane destined for Vegas, I thought I would share what I’m looking forward to the most at VMworld 2011. 2011 is my second year attending VMworld, last year was a great time and I got to sit through some interesting sessions (when I could get in) and do some pretty sweet labs. This year I’m hoping to be a little more organized on what I want to go to and what I plan to take away from VMworld 2011.

My Schedule

I put together my schedule last week and have it almost completely blocked out for all four days. The only holes are the general session times for the most part.

I’m pretty confident that 20 sessions, some hands-on lab time, some vExpert meetings, and of course vendor parties should be enough to keep me pretty busy and (for the most part) out of trouble. I don’t think my first trip to Vegas will even have any gambling involved LOL.

What I’m looking forward to

The short version is vSphere 5. I mean, all the labs I do will be on vSphere 5 and I’m sure that most of the seminars will have targeted vSphere 5 as much as possible, so since I didn’t get invited to the beta program hopefully I will get a jump start on learning all the new stuff.

I am also looking forward to all of the vCloud stuff, SMSproTech is also a VMware Service Provider so it will be nice to see what vCloud could do for our Cloud offering. Related to this is the new vShield release which I’ve been sorta kinda messing with a little bit.

But most of all I am really looking forward to seeing how people react to the licensing changes and hopefully get enough of the VMware kool-aid to help me resist loading a couple boxes up with Hyper-V.


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