HP P2000 SAS Storage vMotion Performance

Today I moved a 350GB Virtual machine from one Datastore to another on a P2000 SAS SAN and was pretty impressed with the performance so I thought I would share. The setup has 24 – 300GB 10k SAS drives, and 12 are in a RAID10 Vdisk, and 11 are in another Vdisk for 2 RAID5 Logical Volumes. I moved the VM from RAID5 to RAID10. It took 9 minutes, and was steady at 375MB/s. It should also be noted that the SAN was also writing new data to the RAID5 as I was also P2V’ing another server.

Here is a screenshot:


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  1. There are several benefits of using VAAI. Check out the following links for more information: But to put it simply it makes it faster, improves density, and also lets the SAN integrate with VMware better reducing redundant data flow.




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