VMWorld impressions so far

We landed at SFO about 5pm Sunday. Took the BART to downtown, which was $8.10… much cheaper then the $50 dollar cab ride the last time I was here. The BART was surprisingly a fun experience and only took maybe 15-20 minutes to get to Powell Street.
We (meaning myself and Rik, a SE at SMS) are staying at the Westin on 3rd Street…wow, this place is really nice compared to the reviews online. We are also on the 27th floor so from our window we can see all the way to Alcatraz when there is no fog. It is also a short 2 blocks from the Moscone Center which is pretty nice.

Sunday night was a blast. After checking into the hotel we hit the Thirty Bear restraunt/bar for the WUPaaS (Warm Up Party as a Service). Basically a brewpub where all the geeks were at to socialize. Rik and I met @VMDoug, @MMesch from the Veeam team along with others from the social media scene. There were many shenanigans 🙂 Later on we visited the Cheiftain … It was a decent walk, but Doug assured us it would be worth it. When we got there we ran into @matt_carpenter and even more of the Veeam guys. Overall a great night.

The next morning was pretty rough, Rik and I were looking forward to getting registered for VMworld and then getting a decent breakfast to pull us out of the hangover. We found the food area no bacon… no sausage… bummer. Ok so we deal with it and get a bagel…. on wait no cream cheese… wtf. We finished breakfast completely disappointed. But it was time for the sessions.

I attended the ESXi iSCSI best practices session, there was some great information talked about. Basically it was hot to setup native multipathing with multiple VMKernel ports and how to make sure its working properly. I tried to get into several other sessions however the lines were all very long and I ended up not getting into for the rest of the morning.

Lunch was ok, and later in the afternoon I hit the vSphere Troubleshooting Best Practices session. I learned a little bit, but I’ve decided I need to make sure I’m in the sessions that are considered advanced technical so I dont get too bored…. but maybe it was just the hangover affecting my ability to concentrate.

After the sessions we decided to head back to the hotel and take the evening off from the partying, problem is that I went to sleep about 8:30pm and now I’m awake at its 5:30AM Tuesday morning. More updates to come later on.


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