How Veeam Saved My Blog!

Lately I have been tweaking some things to make my blog respond a little faster. I was optimizing MySQL and Apache, but this morning things required a reboot the VM.

A little more history…. this blog, as well as some other forums, run on a VMware VI3.5 infrastructure on two Dell 2650 servers each with Dual Xeon procs, and about 6GB of RAM… so not much horse power or much wiggle room for firing up more VM’s. After the company I work for signed as a Veeam partner,  I have been using an NFR license to protect my VM’s… (insert shameless hint for a non expiring 4 proc license of Veeam B&R  😉 )… Besides backing up my VM’s every night I have also started to replicate them offsite, from Dayton Ohio(Datacenter) to Sidney Ohio (where I work).

So back to the problem, after the VM started back up I login to by blog to find that the “About” page and my entire “Troubleshooting” section that I’m building were GONE! WTF! About a year ago if this would have happened I wouldnt be writing this right now… I would be manually rebuilding those pages. But because of Veeam Backup and Replication, I was able to login to my server which holds the replica’s (where I work) and fire up my blog VM and then dump out the MySQL database to a file…. then upload to the production VM and import it back in. This fixed all of the problems (Im guessing MySQL didnt shutdown properly), and my blog is now back to normal…. total time spent fixing my blog … less then 10 minutes….. being able to go enjoy the rest of my saturday and finish waxing the car… priceless.


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