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  1. Hey Justin, I have a question regarding veeam and vCloud director along with a service providers IaaS. So the service provider only provides infrastructure UCS blade servers B200 M3’s along with 3Par SAN. With the offer they use vCloud director to build vApps. I would like to use veeam for VM statistics, usage, etc. is that possible in this environment?
    Thank you!

  2. Veeam will only monitor vCenter level objects. So because vcloud director is built on top of that it can monitor vcloud objects as normal VM;s but not in terms of Org’s and vApps etc etc

    for something like that you will want nimsoft or something similar… search for “vCloud org monitoring” or something similar… but most apps like that will be used by the IAAS provider as they arent going to give you vCloud admin rights to everything which most of those programs will require. Ill keep looking around though and see if i can find you something.

  3. Thanks Justin! If I’m good with just monitoring the vCloud objects as normal VM’s would veeam be good to go then? The service provider only has what is native to vCloud director 5.1, which isn’t much – just a monitor of the entire pool. They do give access to powerCLI. Thanks for your help again!

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