87 Ways the new Unofficial Zerto PowerShell Module will help you!

There are lots of ways to interact with Zerto these days, but one of the easiest ways was just released!

Wes Carrol has been working on a pretty awesome project that was recently migrated to the new, centralized, Zerto GitHub repo. Today, he also got it published to the official PowerShell Gallery too!

Why use this new module?

Zerto has an official PowerShell Snap-In, and while is supported on Zerto 7.0, it provides minimal functionality compared to the Zerto REST API. So, generally if you are building integration and need official support, Zerto will direct you to use the REST API.

If you are just building automation scripts, and do not consider yourself a programmer, REST APIs can look pretty intimidating. Not to mention the complexity of managing sessions and stuff. This is where I think the new API Wrapper that Wes build is perfect!

Also, and the biggest thing for me, is that it’s fully compatible with PowerShell Core!!!!!

So is it supported?

It’s complicated 🙂

This module is build on the official REST APIs that are fully supported by Zerto. However, the PowerShell Module is an open source project, it is NOT a Zerto product. Therefore, it is community supported, not Zerto Supported.

What does this mean? Well, simply put, Zerto isn’t going to help you troubleshoot issues with the Zerto PowerShell Module. However if the underlying REST API is not functioning properly, Zerto support will look into why that REST API may not be returning the proper data.

What can this module all do?

The better question is, what can’t it do!

Functionality for the Core Zerto Replication product, along with Zerto Analytics are both built in. There are 87 different public PowerShell cmdlets available in this module, I counted. (There are even more private functions to help simply the user experience too!)

Contributing to the project

This project is hosted on GitHub, which means anyone is free to create a bug, submit a feature request, ask questions, etc etc. All of which is done right from the GitHub repo page.

You can also reach out to Wes on Twitter @WesCarrollTech

Zerto Public GitHub Page

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Several groups inside of Zerto have started to centralize all of our code on a single GitHub Repo so that customers and partners can more easily see examples, and useful tools.

Remember though, these are open-source projects and are not supported by Zerto Support.

If you are looking for some sort of script example, please open an issue on the My Zerto forum site, and we will see if there is something we forgot to add to the site.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Looks like it could be a useful tool for us. Creating VPGs is a common task we carry out. Do you know if it supports Zerto integration with vCloud Director? I am testing New-ZertoVpg and there doesn’t appear to be any option to select a vApp, only protectedvm.

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