Zerto 5.0 – Multi-Site Replication

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It’s finally here

I don’t know how many customers have asked (but it has been a lot!) if Zerto does multisite replication in the short time I have been at Zerto, but up until now I had to say no.

Starting today I can say yes!

What does it do?

Pretend for a second you are a university, or a business with a fairly large campus. Ideally you might want to failover from one building one to building 2 across campus if possible. However, for larger events, like a tornado or flood or something, you might want to failover to a facility 50 miles away.

Multi-Site replication
Multi-Site replication

Zerto now offers customers the ability to replicate any VM to as many as three different locations. You get to pick what those destinations are, as well as the SLA and journal history for each destination.

Other uses

Multi-site replication works by allowing a VM to belong to as many as three Virtual Protection Groups at the same time. Each protection group can contain one or more VM’s. This means that multi-site can also be used for protecting an entire site to a DR site, while also protecting individual application stacks locally.

Mix and Match VMs in VPGs
Mix and Match VMs in VPGs

Bottom line: A VM can now be in 3 VPG’s at the same time, which combination and where you choose to send those VPG’s is completely up to you.


To get multi-site replication going you will need to following:

Leave some feedback

Zerto is always looking for customer feedback. Please, feel free to leave a comment here, or shoot me an email, or open a support ticket. We want to constantly improve, and the best way to do that it to understand your real world use cases.


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