2016 Tech Conference

The Lima Regional IT Alliance has selected Lima’s Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Center as the venue for the 2016 Tech Conference on Thursday, April 14, 2016.

They invite you to join them along with many presenters and the region’s IT vendors for this premiere event.

The host keynote presenteris Damian Synadinos. Damian began testing software—on purpose, and for money, in 1993. Since then, he has helped build better software and build software better using various methods and tools in numerous roles at many companies in diverse industries. In addition, he is very active in his local testing community, and speaks about testing and more at conferences worldwide.  During the past ten years, Damian has focused primarily on teaching and leading testers and improving processes. Today, he is the Testing Practice Lead at Workstate Consulting, and currently working as a test lead at the world’s authority in chemical information.

Talk Title & Summary: Improv(e) Your Testing! Tips & Tricks from Jester to Tester

Improvisational comedy—sometimes called improv—is a form of theater in which the performance is created in the moment. Successful improv involves learning and using a variety of skills and techniques which allow performers to quickly adapt to a constantly changing environment and new information. Now reread the previous sentence, but replace the word improv with testing. In many ways, improv is a great analogy for testing. As both an experienced improviser and tester, Damian Synadinos presents some of the many similarities between improv and testing.  After setting expectations, Damian takes a closer look at the definitions of improv and testing to better understand their purpose and value.  He then thoroughly explains and demonstrates numerous improv tips and tricks with help from the audience, and shows how the very same ideas can be useful in a testing context. Using creative metaphors and critical analysis, old ideas about testing are reframed in novel and notable ways. Whether novice or experienced, you will laugh, learn, and leave with ways to help improv(e) your testing.

As a new addition to the conference this year, LRITA will be hosting a special closing presentation on cyber security. The presentation will be presented by the FBI in partnership with the Toledo Infragard Members Alliance. During this presentation, attendees will learn how and why businesses are targeted.

  • 27 vendor booths on the vendor floor.
  • A full day of educational sessions.
  • Expecting over 200 participants.

Early bird registration for attendees is $10 for LRITA members, and $20 for non-members. The price will increase by $10 after April 1, 2016.Registration includes breakfast, lunch, drinks and snacks throughout the day with catering by The Old Barn Outback. We look forward to seeing you this spring.

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