Virtualization Field Day 5… Next week!

If you haven’t already heard, next week will be Virtualization Field Day 5, in Boston. There is a jam packed line up of presenters and a pretty awesome cast of delegates ready to listen and question. This time around there are nine companies presenting, and it looks like we are going to get a nice variety as well… everything from storage vendors, to acceleration tools, to converged infrastructure, to monitoring… #VFD5 will have it all!

Here is the complete list:


As for delegates the following experts have been invited:

Alastair Cooke, Amy Manley, Bob Planers, Chris Marget, Eric Shanks, Ethan Banks, ME!, Luc Dekens, Mike Preston, Sean Massey, and Vladan Seget.

For bios and links to their sites and twitter accounts check out the official #VFD5 page here.

From my side of the blogosphere I have already been researching what I can about each company to see if I can find some questions or at least have an understanding of what each does before the come in. So hopefully I will be able to produce some readable articles and learn a lot about each vendor.

So stay tuned! The fun starts Wednesday at 10am!

 [stextbox id=”alert”]Disclaimer: As a delegate all of my flight, travel, accommodations, eats, and drinks are paid for. However I do not receive any compensation nor am I required to write anything in regards to the event or the sponsors.[/stextbox]


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