VNXe3200 gets a code update (

Today EMC released a new code update for the VNXe3200, and with it comes a whole bunch of awesomeness.

It was posted up today and is rev.

Here is the short version of what is new:

  • Increased FAST Cache size to a maximum of 400GB
  • Multiprotocol file access – Lets you share stuff via NFS and CIFS at the same time from the same share
  • Native async replication baked in – not going to lie… i thought this was already in there
  • Replication via EMC Recoverpoint for block volumes – not going to lie here either… if you have recoverpoint .. and a vnxe … we should talk
  • Snapshots of Snapshots (for VMware NFS datastores)
  • Ability to create up to 10 IP interfaces per NAS server – this one is actually the reason I was following this release as it was affecting a customer
  • SMI-S enhancements so you can use SCVMM for replication
  • 64-bit NFS format for VMware NFS datastores
  • Shrink and reclaim features
  • Fast clones for 64-bt VMware NFS datastores
  • SLES 11 refresh – (ie they updated the linux OS on it)
  • New Hardware I/O modules
    • 4 port 1Gbps iSCSI 10GbaseT (copper) – negotiates to 10Mbps, 100Mbps, or 1000 Mbps
    • 4 port 10Gbps iSCSI optical module – supports 10GbE SFP or Active and Passive Twin-Ax Cables
  • about 7 pages of bug fixes.

I am appying this patch to the box in my lab now, I don’t expect any issues, but if there are any I’ll update the post. Overall though it looks like a great addition to an already awesome product, keep up the great works fellas!


also if you have an EMC account and want to read the full release notes it can be found here.


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One Response to "VNXe3200 gets a code update ("

  1. You laugh at the recover point I only run into them in hilariously overkill situations (30 VM’s GigE between datacenters, 2 shelfs of disk in a VNX).

    Never underestimate EMC sales 🙂

    10Gbase-T is awesome (my lab switch cost like 1K for this). Also good to see the NFS maturing.

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