Some good Disaster Recovery Planning Templates

Over the weekend I was doing some research and found some pretty cool documents / templates on the subject of disaster recovery planning. One thing I have found is that many companies don’t really have a formal DR plan, sure some have one method or another to recover their servers, maybe even a run book for their replication product… but it’s nothing like the detail that the documents from have. Anyhow I would highly recommend that if you are in the process of planning a DR strategy … or if you just think your current strategy needs some work…. check out the docs below.


Business Impact Analysis

This document should be a must for anyone who has servers. It basically is a guide for interviewing application owners so that you and they know how much downtime to their application can affect the business. This should be done first so that you can tier your applications.

IT Disaster Recovery Planning

This is probably my favorite of the documents. It is a great outline and providers all the stuff that your DR plan doesn’t have yet! Do you know who to call if you have an HVAC unit fail? (OK you probably do…) but what if you are out of the office, do the other guys know who to call? Who is your electrician? Typically we don’t think of these things because we assume we will be around…but you know what happens when you assume…

Pandemic Planning

Most people aren’t planning for this from what I have seen, but it makes sense… sure the servers wont get the bird flu, but this is probably worth looking into.

BCDR Testing Template

OK so you finally got a DR plan together…. but do you have a formal test procedure for it ?

Bullet Proof DR Essentials Guide 2010 (don’t worry it’s still relevant)

This guide gives a nice overview of all the DR possibilities out there. Doesn’t really help you plan with specific information but does explain differences like Hot Site, Warm Site, Cold site, etc.




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