vSphere 5.0 Ready for Download

Last night VMware officially released vSphere 5.0 for download. If you have a current support contract you can head on over to VMware.com and start flooding your internet connection. Or if you are not already a VMware customer just sign up for a trial and you will get instant access to the downloads.

5.0 Licensing

If you are an SnS subscriber then you will probably want to get your 5.0 keys so that it doesn’t expire. (I will break it to you now that they are not ready yet in most cases But this is the process to get them)  To do this click on “My Account”, and then on the left select “Manage Licenses” and then in the second drop down select ” vSphere 4″. Here is what that should look like:

Then click Submit.

You will then get the “error” message that I did until your keys are ready.


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2 Responses to "vSphere 5.0 Ready for Download"

  1. When first trying to access a VM’s console via the vSphere Web Client (using Debian’s default firefox-ish iceweasel browser) , it wants the user to download/install VMware-VMRC.x86_64.bundle , which has to be run as root.

    The install soon presents a dialog for configuring firefox’s system-wide plug-ins directory, but presents a default of /usr/lib/firefox/plugins (or /mozilla-firefox/ ?), which does not work. For me, changing that dir to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins gets the VMRC console app working under debian-ish linuxes.

    Winds up with mozilla/plugins/np-vmware-vmrc-e.x.p-422570.so

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