HyperV Posts Coming Soon

Seriously I’m sure you’re probably like “WTF is he thinking”.

Let me explain.

Obviously, if you’re reading my blog you know I’m a VMware guy… but I am determined to keep an open mind and not blackball HyperV too badly. While I still feel VMware is going to be the leading virtualization platform for the foreseeable future, I also think that anyone working in the reseller environment needs to know the second hypervisor so when VMware doesn’t fit the customer you don’t have to walk away from the deal.

So why HyperV?

Well, XenServer would have been a more fitting choice for me since I like Linux, but the amount of development that Citrix is putting into XenServer just doesn’t seem that great anymore. It’s like Citrix knows that it’s not going to win the hypervisor war and instead have focused resources more on XenDesktop as their new flagship product.

Plus the fact that Veeam Backup and Replication will support HyperV in v6 helps a lot… I can keep a familiar backup product and still protect VM’s just as well as on VMware. For me I think HyperV is really going to come in to play in its next release when they can support host to host replication on local storage… combine that with a GUI for the very small business owner and you have a very attractive (almost) HA package.

Stay tuned.


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One Response to "HyperV Posts Coming Soon"

  1. Justin couldn’t agree more about Hyper-V and its future relevance in virtualization and cloud computing. And also find myself in similar position, I work for a hardware and services vendor, HP as you know, and I need to be skilled in other virtualization technologies for the sake of my career.

    Like you I’m a VMware geek and lover but that doesn’t mean I’m not open to learn new things and even adopt them if they are better.

    I’m currently setting up a Hyper-V lab nested in an ESXi5 and will start my self-learning process very soon. I’m looking forward to your Hyper-V blog posts and will try to share my experience as well.


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