A vSphere 5 / VMware View what if …

The virtual desktop landscape is really heating up, XenDesktop has some pretty sweet features, and View is really starting to come into its own with support on iPAD’s and VPN-less WAN connections. But what is really going to set one solution apart from the others ?

What about an OS X Virtual Desktop with PCoIP support?

If you read one of the posts I did a couple weeks ago you probably went over to Search Server Virtualization and read their vSphere 5 leaked info, and if you made it all the way to the bottom you might have even seen that its rumored that MAC OS X will be a supported Guest OS. Besides that teaser article there are other hints in already released products that OS X will be supported soon… Veeam for example has Apple File system support already.

So back to the what if part of the article.

What if VMware could bring you a MAC OS X virtual desktop that you could access from a Thin Terminal, or your iPAD, or your PC from anywhere? I wonder if there would be anyone buying it, or if there is even a market for it ?

Anyone think they would do an OS X virtual desktop if PCoIP could make the experience even for graphics work seamless ?


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One Response to "A vSphere 5 / VMware View what if …"

  1. Personally, I think this would be awesome. We have developers that primarily run Windows machines, but occasionally have to try to troubleshoot and support OS X clients. This would be perfect for that scenario.

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